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The international quality for beauty products was established more than three years ago, with improvements, development , interactions, quality and respect.These are the most important goals that our company has gone through in order to lead the Omani market. Nevertheless, despite all difficulties , We are proud to be one of the leading in the market in the field of cosmetics.

The international quality company deals in the fields of wholesale and retail sales at reasonable price.we also have best professional beauty products such as skin and body care products,nails care products , hair treatment and hair colors.

We also have all salons equipment and professional machines ,which we guarantee you that they are the best quality. We are specialize in teaching and training a professional services of employee. We also offer free delivery services( to all regions of Oman) and we in international quality are keen and always working to satisfy all our customers and serve them in the best possible way and with high credibility. We have tested all our products and choose them to be of high quality and excellence for all salons and beauty Centres and professionals here in Oman. Therefore, we are looking for more success for these products to be present from the manufacturers to the consumer directly. We would like also to thank all those who continued to support and invest us and were the major part of our confidence in the market for few years, and to the employees who were a large part in our success in the joint work between us and our customers to ensure the quality of the products and the way it reached the consumer with quality,effectiveness and mastery and with the principle of development from creatively. We hope that we will cooperate in all fields to create a bright future together.


Professional products

Our goal is to provide the largest, Finest products, supplies, equipment for salons and professionals in spa centers that include all treatments and service needs. We are looking around the world to bring you innovative products that will deliver exceptional results and increase your success. Remember that ordering all your supplies from a single vendor reduces shipping costs, saves time and reduces labor costs.

That ideal combination of wholesale price and quality is what makes International Quality your first choice and will be provide you with salons supplies, spa equipment, and more.


We don’t only offer professional products,but we also go farther by offering advance training to help our customers advance their careers while helping business owners reduce employees turnover.we aim to make the spa and salons better,advance and innovative.

Solution provider

We are able to meet all the needs of designing an integrated salon from scratch to providing our costumers fulfilling need for a product.

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